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Choosing the correct valve

Choosing the correct valve 17/06/2020

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This blog will help you to choose the best valve for your radiator.


Why do you need valves for our cast iron radiators?

Radiators connected to a central heating system will require a set of valves , one will control the temperature of the individual radiator and the other valve will be used to balance the system.

What is the difference between thermostatic valves and manual valves?

Manual Radiator Valve

Manual Radiator Valves (MRVs) require the you to monitor the temperature of the room , as without a thermostat the radiator will stay at the temperature set manually. Manual Radiator valves are normally less efficient , however in humid rooms such as the bathroom they can be a more suitable option as humidity can throw off TRV’s readings.

Thermostatic Radiator Valve

Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) have a built–in temperature sensor which allows the heat to be kept at a constant, providing you with more efficiency and control over your environment. The TRV will shut off the radiator once the desired temperature has been reached, this helps you to control the bills as well.

Arroll Radiator Valves

Benefits of choosing an Arroll Valve:

·   French–made Thermostats

·   All wooden parts are FSC certified

·   Premium

·   Range of Colours and Styles to suit all radiators

To buy our valves contact your closest dealer here or contact our team at sales@Arroll.co.uk