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Beautifully embossed and scrolled the Rococo cast iron radiator comes in three heights and is designed for narrow places such as hallways and landings , this radiator model will also compliment Arrolls Parisian and Montmartre cast iron radiator.


All our radiators are finished using a black primer. Alternately, if you wish, why not let us paint them from one of the thousands of Ral colours or our specialised finishes. Below are samples of the many colours that can be used to give you a classic, modern or contemporary look.

Simply ring your nearest dealer or download our brochure for full customisation options.


RAL colours

*All RAL swatches below are examples and may not be true to colour shown here, please check with your dealer for a specific RAL colour.

Classic suite

  • RAL 1001
  • RAL 3002
  • RAL 3014
  • RAL 4002
  • RAL 5013
  • RAL 6004
  • RAL 7005
  • RAL 8008

Modern suite

  • RAL 1028
  • RAL 2002
  • RAL 3005
  • RAL 8016
  • RAL 4006
  • RAL 5005
  • RAL 6025
  • RAL 7016

Contemporary suite

  • RAL 1006
  • RAL 1019
  • RAL 2009
  • RAL 3011
  • RAL 4008
  • RAL 5002
  • RAL 6032
  • RAL 7008


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